Bizitome is a dynamic social ecommerce marketplace providing multiple opportunities, including additionnal revenue making for its members and innovative sales and advertising for businesses and startups!
Members enjoy the most innovative social e-commerce experience in the World!
  • Create your virtual shop (Bizit Space) in few clicks and make real money by selling the items you can easily save from the marketplace.
  • The items you saved or share can be bought at discount price by people in your network (friends, family, social media) and you earn a cash bonus per unit bought.
  • Your earnings are deposited in an eWallet created for you. Register today and earn $ 10 in your Wallet!
  • Withdraw your earnings at anytime (minimum $20 is required) or use your eWallet to purchase other items on the marketplace.
  • Grow your network at influencer level to enjoy the privilege of Exlusive Partner for brands.
Influencers have a great opportunity to monetize the traffic their generate
  • Negotiate with brands and become Exclusive Partner to virtually sell their item throught your e-Shop (Bizit Space). We provide a real time tracking of all the transactions generated through your Bizit Space;
  • Negotiate your own contract with businesses to join you on Bizitome. You can also negotiate the discount price which will apply.
  • If making money is not what you are looking for, what about showing your love to the world by donating your earning to a charity organization, association or NGO of your choice?
Charity Organizations, Associations and NGOs raise Funds on Bizitome
  • Become Exlusive Partner for brands to virtually sell items in your Bizit Space to people who support your mission;
  • Withdraw the funds collected and implement the activities to reach your goal!
Sellers enjoyed the most innovative sales and marketing experience in the World!
  • Customers and Influencers want to sell your items througt their e-Shops (Bizit Spaces). Do not miss the opportunity to boost your visibility and sales!
  • You will need to set up a normal price, a discount price and a cash bonus per unit for each item you list;
  • When there is a sale from a Bizit Space, the owner of the Bizit Space earn the cash bonus per each unit sold;
  • The discount and the cash bonus determined by yourself should be considered as your marketing cost. But you pay only based on result when a sale is made. On Bizitome, you do not need a budget to start your marketing campaign! Don`t you think that this is a true solution de manage your cash-flow?
  • Now you start thinking that Bizitome might be a great opportunity for your business, but also wondering what would be the cost of using such services. Do not worry! Our fees is only 0.30 + 12% per sale amount!