The Influencer’s Unique 5 Steps Guide to Make Money on Bizitome’s Platform

Whether you are a celebrity, a big-time influencer or a micro-influencer, you can start making money with Bizitome’s unique business model.
Everyone engaged in Bizitome’s online marketplace is a winner, especially social marketing influencers. They set-up a Bizit Space (defined under step 2 below) also called e-shop with their own hand-picked products, recommend them to their audience, including family and friends and earn commission on each sale.

In the following article, we show you how to make money on Bizitome’s platform in 5 easy steps.


To get started, you have to register on Bizitome as a platform user and start creating your unique profile with all the information required to set-up your Bizit Space .

Registration – To do so, use your e-mail address, first and last name and set a password. Once you click the register button, an e-mail with a confirmation request will be sent to your inbox, just click the link and you will be redirected to the platform. Insert your login details in the requested boxes and you’re now logged in.

Account set-up – At the right top corner of the webpage , click on the profile icon and then ‘’Account’’ as shown below.

  • Set your account by completing the three sections on ‘information’, ‘security’ and ‘notifications’ as following.

  • Information – This is one of the most important section as it helps you personalize your profile. Complete all the data required to give a little bit of a glance about yourself (profile photo, cover photo, full name, e-mail, user name, gender, birthday, about section where you describe who you are and what makes you special and your preferred language).

  • Security –This section allows you to change your account password or update your e-mail address as necessary.

  • Notifications  Under this category, you can activate all the notifications you may need to be in control of your online business with Bizitome (Newsletters, Feedback, Bizit, Bizit Spaces, Bonus, Items Picked for You, Messages, New Followers, Suggestions to Follow and Following Activities).


The second phase in creating the mechanisms to develop your online business with Bizitome and start generating income is to create your Bizit Space. Before, you get started, let’s define the concept of Bizit Space.

Bizit Space : is the users’ personal page where they can manage services and products, follow their friends and be followed. Under the Bizit Space, platform’s users can search for and follow each other, display the list of bizit sent and received (list of recommendations sent and received). Users can also create folders where their favorite or preferred items are saved for promotion and commission earning purposes. Users can share their Bizit Space’s link with friends who can then follow them and/or buy items at a discount price.

  • Bizit Space set-up: At the right top corner of the webpage, click on the profile icon and then Bizit Space when logged in.  

  • Click on +Space button to create a new space, choose a name for it and write a short description to let the customers know what it is about. You can choose to create multiple spaces within your Bizit Space profile, for different purposes and audiences.

  • Once you create the first space, continue by browsing through the Catalog’s categories on the platform, choose the products or hotels that fit best with your Bizit Space’s name/description. Then select as many items as you would like to promote to your audience.

  • To add items to your space, open the catalog page, place the cursor on any item you like and click on the ‘save’ button. Your already created space names will appear. Select the space in which you want to add the item. Add other items as you wish. You can also add item from a specific product page.

Now your space is created. To see it just go back to your Bizit Space and your saved items will appear on the page. You can also view your space by clicking on the e-shops button at the top left corner of homepage.


Bizitome offers a wide range of products and hotels from which you can select the ones you love the most and promote them to your audience. So how can you do that?

You may notice that each item has 2 prices: the first one represents the market price, the second one is the seller’s price on this platform, which means each item is already discounted from the regular price. There is also a tiny price in red, which represents the commission you will receive for every completed purchase made by a customer. So, each item has already displayed the market price, the discounted price, and your win. Taking the example of men’s watch below, when you share it, your audience can buy at $ 92 instead of $131.5. You earn $9 for each sale you generate.

To start promoting your business to your network, acquaintances, family members, and friends, just go into your Bizitome account, access your Bizit Space from the Menu and click the INVITE button at the right-hand corner as shown below.

A new page is displayed as seen below. You can choose either to invite your audience from your Gmail account or you can COPY the link which was already created for you to share through your social media channels such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or any other channel you want to use. When clicked on, the link will take your audience directly to your Bizit Space where they can view, follow you and/or buy at discount price your saved items. Making money online is made easier with Bizitome.


If you are one of these influencers who would like to select the businesses and products/services to work with, you have come to the right place. On Bizitome we help influencers like you to connect with the right sellers and brands.

Our sellers are thoroughly verified and therefore safe to work with. Many businesses would prefer to establish a partnership with a single or very few influencers to build a long term and stable collaboration based on trust and loyalty.

As an exclusive partner for a brand or an item on Bizitome, you will be the only one able to save the related item into your Bizit Space and promote it. It means that all your customers can purchase this item exclusively from your Bizit Space if they want the discount price, no matter if they are part of your audience or not.

For example, if a brand you work with has 1,000 units of a same product and offer a commission of $10 on each sale, you can earn $10,000 if you succeed to promote the item to your audience. Of course, your earning will depend on your audience engagement and how much work you put in to promote the items


Perhaps, you have second thoughts in getting into this business with Bizitome, as you are not so familiar with the sellers, with the brands or the products and services don’t convince you that much. Or, it may happen that you don’t find, here on Bizitome, the sellers, the brands or type of products and services that you usually promote through your social media channels.

There is a solution to this! You can reach out to your favorite partners or brands and invite them to register to Bizitome as sellers. You don’t wish to bother reaching out? We understand. Just provide us the sellers’ contact information and we’ll do our best to connect and partner with them.

Once the sellers have accepted the partnership and listed their items, you can select as many as you would like to promote and share with your network. Both you and your favorite brands will benefit from joining Bizitome marketplace. Brands will increase awareness and boost sales beyond their target market of customers thanks to your audience. You will earn extra income for each sale you generate, increasing your visibility and growing your network.

Here we sum up the key benefits influencing on Bizitome’s platform.

Benefits for becoming Influencers on Bizitome

  • You promote only verified and quality products on Bizitome
  • You can promote your own selected items from
  • There is no contract, no fee and no limit in making money
  • Become the exclusive influencer for a brand, seller, product or service on Bizitome
  • Become the exclusive influencer for a brand, seller or product outside Bizitome’s platform
  • Every single commission your make is automatically deposited in your profile e-wallet visible only by you
  • Your commission is paid in cash only, no discount coupon or t-shirt
  • You can withdraw at anytime your earning through PayPal – minimum withdrawal amount is $25
  • You can use your all or a part of you earning to purchase items on the platform

Why wait? Become an Influencer now and start making money with Bizitome:


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