Raise funds and achieve a social impact

Bizitome provides an opportunity to raise funds

We understand that fundraising from public and private donors to deliver social missions has become challenging. That’s the reason why Bizitome allows not-for-profit organizations to collect funds directly from its platform in order to implement their activities. The platform allows your organization to partner with many private businesses at a time to contribute to your fundraising efforts.

If you are working to improve human wellbeing at community or global level, we would like to contribute to this cause by helping you raise more funds and make the world a better place to live.

First: You allow your network to buy at a discount price

Once your organization is registered, you can easily save in your e-shop products or services available on the marketplace. More on that at the end of the page. Creating an e-shop and sharing it with your network or people who support your social mission allows them to buy your saved items at a discount price. A discount will not apply if you don’t save the products in your e-shop.

Giving your network the opportunity to buy at a discount price is a gesture they can’t ignore. At this point you aren’t contacting them to request a donation but to offer the opportunity to buy quality products or services at a discount price. Your network will appreciate and buy your saved items.

Second: You collect funds

When folks in your network or those who support your mission buy at a discount price, say a woman’s bag you have saved in your e-shop, you automatically collect the related cash-bonus pre-determined by the seller. You probably wonder how it works. Each item on the platform is displayed with a market price, discount price and most importantly an amount of cash earned by the e-shop owner when there is a sale.

So, whenever someone buys from an e-shop you created, the related cash amount is instantly deposited in your Bizitome e-wallet. Bizitome enables you to withdraw all collected cash anytime you need it for your social mission.

Third: You achieve Social Impact

With the funds raised on the platform you can make a difference in thousands of people’s lives. We would love to contribute in our way whether your social cause relates to health care services, family planning, prevention services to people and communities in need, the fight against HIV, malaria and tuberculosis, hunger and malnutrition, human trafficking and sexual abuses, education services, clean water, sanitation and accommodation services, and the environment among others.

Thank you for making the world a better place to live. We’re delighted to support you achieving a greater impact.


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