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Make a difference…Become a social impact customer

Bizitome provides an opportunity to raise funds

We understand that fundraising from public and private donors to deliver social missions has become challenging. That’s the reason why Bizitome allows not-for-profit organizations to easily collect funds directly from its platform to implement their activities.

If you are keen to support social causes aiming to improve human wellbeing at a community or global level, we offer you the solution to contribute to your dear cause and make the world a better place to live. Indeed, our platform allows not-for-profit organizations to collect funds for their social missions when you buy at discount prices the products or services you need.

Wondering how it works?

You will buy only the goods and services you need. Thanks to not-for-profit organizations, you will buy these items at a discount price from their e-shops. Yes, they have something to offer to you!

And once you buy at a discount price (Bizit Price), they will collect a cash-bonus determined by the seller which will be deposited in their e-wallet. Bizitome allows them to withdraw all collected funds anytime and implement their social mission activities.

Your purchases will generate a social impact for other people at the global, country and community levels. That is a tremendous social privilege! Don’t you think?

What will the money be used for?

Not-for-profit organizations provide health care services, family planning and prevention services to people and communities in need. They fight against HIV, malaria and tuberculosis.

They take care of women and children and protect against human traffic and sexual abuses. They provide education services, clean water, sanitation and accommodation services to those most in need. They fight against hunger, climate change, deforestation, among others.

Your new power!

The traditional way of crowdfunding for nonprofis oarganizations is a for not-for-profit organizations is a call for public and private donations. Donations are voluntary-based and insufficient with regard to the needs. That’s why we’re integrating social missions into the businesses where the money is generated to help them raise money for non profit.

That means that you have now the power to direct your purchases to goods and services which can contribute to social impact activities. It means that you have a new power to play a role in making the world better by buying items that contribute to community and global wellbeing.


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