Grow Your Business or Startup as Concept

Grow your sales without spending on Ads

Our customers, influencers and not-for-profit organizations will save your items into their e-shops on Bizitome and promote them through their networks. They will boost your visibility without any fee.It’s free! As a Bizitome registered seller, you don’t need to spend on advertising to grow your sales.Our qualified users will act as promoters of your items.START NOW. IT IS FREE!

Incentivize Influencers to promote your items

When you’re listing your items on the platform you will need to set up an amount of cash bonus to incentive users who will promote your business through their network. When there is a sale, the user who generated it earns the cash bonus which is deposited automatically in his/her e-wallet.

But don’t worry, the cash bonus can be any amount you deem appropriate to motivate customers, influencers or not-for-profit organizations to promote your listed items. You decide the amount based on the sale margin you wish to make. The good news is that you won’t pay anything before a sale is concluded. That is to your advantage as you don’t need to spend money on ads to start your influencer campaign unlike other online selling platforms. You only need to focus on the quality of your products or services.

Incentivize customers to buy from your shops

With Bizitome, you are no longer the only one who cares about your business. Hundreds of thousands of users including influencers will treat your business as their own because they are your virtual partners, your virtual sales agents.They will help you to sell your product more then you can do by yourself. That’s why we recommend you set up a cash bonus amount to reward their promotional efforts of your items.

We also recommend that a discount price is set for your items to attract more customers. The discount can be any amount you deem appropriate for your business profitability; there is no requirement. Everything is under your control!

Did you know…

…that 66% of customers prefer to buy products or services promoted by influencers?

Yes, you read correctly, 2 out of 3 customers trust influencers and are willing to follow their trusted judgement in purchasing goods or services. Through our platform, we’re offering you the opportunity to take advantage of their networks for absolutely no charge.

Did you know

that 71% of customers prefer to buy products or services from businesses which partner with a not-for-profit organization?

These customers value your support to social missions such as the fight against diseases, hunger, poverty, climate change, etc. They’re eager to buy your items as a way to provide more resources for these noble causes. Bizitome is the only platform offering this opportunity. It makes it easy for sellers to tap into this niche of customers who are ready to support a good cause, thus contributing to growing your sales.

Need more controls?
Partner with who you want!

If you’re managing a business that requires more control over which users can save and promote your products or services, we allow you to select exclusive partners. Only selected partners will be able to promote your listed items through their e-shops and earn the cash incentive when a purchase is made.

Selected partners can be influencers, not-for-profit organizations, your employees, your marketing specialist, your friends. Open your business to others to help you sell more and market your products. Bring your own partners on the platform and boost your sales now!


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