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A Simple Guide to Start Your Retail Store on Bizitome.

 This guide is prepared for sellers who want to open a shop and start selling products online on Bizitome. It describes three steps sellers need to take to successfully register a shop. At the end, the guide will provide smart tips to successfully sell your inventory online on Bizitome. The guide is organized as follows:

  1. Creating your seller account.
  2. Getting your online store started
  3. Selling your products.

If you are interested in becoming a seller with a successful online retail business on Bizitome and want to know where to find the right information, the platform facilitates the entire process for you. Read on to find out all you need to get started and start selling online moving forward.

Before getting down to the nitty-gritty of chop creation, it’s important for the sellers to understand the benefits of selling on Bizitome and how to start an online retail business.

What are the benefits of selling on Bizitome?

  • No fee for listing products.
  • No monthly or annual subscription.
  • Sellers pay platform’s fees only when there is a purchase.
  • Platform’s users will promote sellers’ listed products at no cost for sellers, increasing awareness and boosting sales beyond the target market.
  • Sellers pay a bonus to the promoters only when a purchase is completed.
  • Sellers can select exclusive partners (influencers) from Bizitome’s users to promote their items through social media or other channels.
  • Bizitome facilitates automatic products importation to the platform for sellers who already sell on Shopify.
  • The platform offers multiple currencies so that sellers can choose the currency that fits best with their business.


  • Where to start?

At first, go to www.bizitome.com and on the right top corner of the homepage, there is the REGISTER button. Click on it and fill-out all the information required for registration (E-mail, Password, First and Last Name), then register.

Once you’ve registered, you will receive an email including a request to confirm your registration. Click on the confirmation link and you’ll be redirected to your newly created account. A new page will pop-up requesting your sign-in details.

You have now arrived to your new personal page and you can start creating your business profile. Click on the TAG icon at the right top corner of your personal page and the shop creation page will appear.

  • A Three-Phase Process

To create your shop profile, you must go through a three-phase process.

  • Shop Information

In this first section you are required to complete the following information:

  • Business name.
  • Profile photo (250×250 and bigger).
  • Cover photo (1280×270; max 10MB, this is optional).
  • Language (English, French or both).
  • About (a short description about your business and your goals).
  • Website (provide your current website link; this is optional).
  • Physical address of the business

Once you have completed all the requested fields in the first part, click the NEXT STEP button which will take you to the second part of the shop creation.

  • Seller Agreement

Here you are required to offer some personal information to help Bizitome get a better idea of who you are:

  • Personal details (first and last name, date of birth, home address).
  • Type of seller (individual or business ).
  • Click on the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Check Box and NEXT STEP button.
  • Payout Method

Please provide here your bank information where you will receive your sales money. Providing a few payment account details is mandatory in this step, for your profile creation to go to the next step:

  • Country and currency of your card or bank account (where it was registered).
  • Bank account number.
  • Account holder name (once these details are complete, click the red arrow button, which will take you to the next steps).
  • Personal information (city, street name and number, zip code, first and last name, date of birth and ID card—which have to be uploaded in .jpg or .png format).

After all the fields have been filled out completely, you can click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page which takes you to the second step of your online store creation.


  • Product Creation

The second step of the process includes products listing on your shop. In your account, at the right top corner of the page, click on the TAG icon (which represents your newly created shop) and you will be redirected to the Shop Creation page, where you have to choose CREATE A PRODUCT button.

Product creation needs the following information to complete the Shop Creation:

  • Name of the product.
  • Photos of the product—add high quality resolution photos of your product in accordance to the platform requirements.
  • Category—select the categories that best suit your product.
  • Pricing—in this section you choose the selling price (the market price) for your product, the Bizit Price (the discount price) and the cash bonus you would like to offer to the affiliate partners who promote and sell your products.
  • Set-up a standard selling price (according to your business pricing strategy).
  • Activate Bizit Price (click the button on the right so that this function could be activated).
  • Configure Bizit Price (for end buyer) and Bonus (for affiliate partner). It is important to know that your Bizit Price should always be lower than the selling price at a level that your business can afford; and the Bonus should always be lower than the Bizit Price.
  • After all the prices have been set, below you are provided with the information regarding platform and payment processing through Stripe fees, so you will always be in control of your pricing strategy and acting in your business’ best interest.
  • Product variances—you have the option to choose multiple filters or none; it is advisable to add as many variances to your product as possible so that the user can have the option to choose according to their desires or necessities and for an easy user experience (variances may be: color, size, material, style, etc.).
  • Referral Activities—gives you two options: either you choose everyone to be able to refer your product or you can select an exclusive partner from the platform which you can search by name in the search box.
  • Description—a  clear description of the product, according to the client needs.
  • Production and Commerce—Ethical and climate change considerations (ordinary, hand-made, bio, ethical, fair trade or second-hand).
  • Tags—choose the most relevant keywords for your listed product so that your item is found more easily on the search engine.
  • Shipment—possibility to create one or more shipping profiles, depending on your delivery options:
  • Profile name (you can choose a name that matches the selected countries in which the shipment is done; it is better to have different names for multiple shipment profiles).
  • Country (select one or more countries’ names, which you want your products to be delivered to).
  • Estimated delivery (set-up the number of delivery days; we advise you to keep this number as precise as possible).
  • Price (set the shipping cost or free shipping; it is important to know that customers are more drawn to purchase Free Shipping items).
  • Return Policy—legally, it is recommended that you choose a certain number of days according to the countries’ laws and regulations in this respect (where the delivery is made); also, you can set-up exceptions for certain items (for example: underwear).
  • Disable—this function allows you to activate or deactivate the product on your shop. If disabled, the product cannot be seen by customers.

So now you have created the first product in your shop. The last step of your shop registration is completed once you click CREATE button.

If you face any challenge in creating your shop, do not hesitate to contact a dedicated salesperson who will support you through onboarding the process.

  • What are the criteria to sell on Bizitome?
  1. The fundamental requirement to sell on Bizitome is that you need have quality products or services to sell.
  2. Your business must sell items in the fashion, beauty, wellness and travels industries (contact us if you would like to sell items not in these industries).
  3. At least one product must be listed in your shop on Bizitome for the registration to be complete.
  4. The profile photo from your personal page should represent your business (logo, slogan or brand).
  5. Items’ photos must have a high resolution listed.

Products you can sell on Bizitome

There are two big categories of fashion items:

  1. Women fashion—includes most of the fashion apparels, shoes and accessories a lady can buy.
  2. Men fashionall the gentleman needs to be in style including apparels, shoes and accessories.


On Bizitome, selling your products/Starting your own online retail business is easier than you may think. Why is that?

Usually, you would need a complicated and costly marketing strategy to start finding customers, boost sales and increase revenues. However, with Bizitome, you don’t need to go through this hassle. Our platform’s registered customers and influencers who are also our affiliate partners promote your products to their networks (for example, through social media), helping you to reduce marketing costs, giving your brand more visibility and increasing sales. In return, the promoters earn the cash bonus you previously set for each sale. Our affiliate partners are the following:

Ordinary users (customers)  

They have the possibility within our platform to create their own shop (called e-shop), in which they can select items from your store and promote them further to their friends, family members or social network.

Our customers will do so even more, when their selling process is awarded with a bonus for each sale they make. Compensating them with a cash incentive will encourage them to treat your business as their own, resulting in lower customer acquisition costs for your business.

  • Influencers

Nowadays, influencers marketing is considered to be one of the best marketing strategies, especially for small businesses. Did you know that 66% of customers prefer to buy products or services promoted by influencers?

Our marketplace facilitates the process in finding the important people you want to connect with for promoting your store to their large audience. They also own e-shops registered on Bizitome with hand-picked products from different sellers’ stores.

This partnership can benefit both parties, as your brand reaches people beyond your target market and the influencer earns a cash bonus for advertising your items.

You may also choose an exclusive partnership with an influencer you like best, to build a long-term and solid collaboration.

  • NGO’s (Not for Profit Organization)

When one of your business’s most important objectives is to contribute to social missions (like fighting against rare diseases or poverty, homelessness, climate change, etc.) your customers will appreciate and trust more the value that you bring to the community.

Partnership with one or more NGOs will most likely increase your sales and brand awareness, as well helping achieve the NGO’s mission purposes.

Bizitome is the only platform that can help you to connect with the most important social impactors and contribute to the worlds’ greatest social impact missions

Tips and tricks for achieving success on Bizitome

  • Promote your items to your family, friends and network;
  • Create a clear and concise description for each product listed;
  • Add high resolution photos to your items, according to the platform’s requirements;
  • Along the standard selling price, add a discounted one (Bizit Price) and a bonus (to increase the promotion of your products by the affiliate partners, influencers or NGOs)
  • Items with Free Shipping included in the price are more likely to be sold;
  • Partner with more Influencers and NGOs on the platform to achieve your goals;
  • To create a shop on Bizitome quickly, you can sync your Shopify store to our platform and automatically import your products to the platform.

Bizitome selling fee

Shop creation and listing of your items is absolutely free. A 10% fee per sale is charged by the platform only when the deal is concluded. You can see exactly the charge for each item you sell, when you create the product on your shop, before it is activated. In this way, you have all the means to create the pricing strategy that best applies to your business margin profit.

So why wait? Join our platform now and create a Seller account.


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